Out of the Home Respite

 The Glory  Foundation is working in the community providing "Out of the Home Respite" time for children and their parents. In December we took out our first client Hanadi a 17 year who suffering from a Nemaline Rod Syndrome since 3 years old. She is vent dependent and wheelchair bound. Hanadi was prepared to get out of the house not allowing her disease to hold her back from enjoying fine dining at the "District" and then to the Nutcracker at Playhouse Square. This was Hanadi's first time going to the square.

Hanadi states "the Playhouse was much more beautiful than I imagined" Hanadi was out the house for six hours exploring the highlights of Cleveland.

Hanadi's mother was able to relax and spend time with her son Joe at his football game. This mother had tears in her eyes while expressing what a great service the foundation provided for her family.

Our foundation services from the palliative care philosophy to decrease the suffering of children with life-limiting illness from the time of diagnosis. We journey with children and their family's in the battle to enjoy life to the fullest!

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